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StereoPlus / AVM Ovation SA 6.3
AVM-Audio-SA-6-3-Black-Front-19110401AVM Ovation SA 6.3
AVM Ovation SA 6.3

AVM Ovation SA 6.3



Jauda: 2×200/350W (4/8Ohm).

    • 9990 €


Class A/B amplifier with more than 200/350 watts per channel (8/4 Ohm)
MOS-FET high current amplifier: 20 MOS-FET transistors per channel deliver a maximum of 180 Ampere per channel
Heavy-duty toroid transformer with 1000 VA
Three separate power supplies: Mains, processor unit, silent power supply for input circuit
Analogue & consistently balanced input stages, entirely DC coupled
High level inputs: XLR + Cinch
2 x pair of speaker terminals for Bi Wire configuration
AIR-Trigger (AVM Intelligent Remote) , trigger input 10V
Mains phase indicator
Stand-by consumption <0,5W
Large, blue graphics display
Comprehensive menu functions (adjustable sensitivity, peak power and much more)
Housing options: Aluminium silver, black optional chrome front panel
Delivered in AVM OVATION flight case