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StereoPlus / Gryphon Pantheon (pāris)
gryphon_pantheon-1Gryphon Pantheon (pāris)Gryphon Pantheon (pāris)Gryphon Pantheon (pāris)Gryphon Pantheon (pāris)
Gryphon Pantheon (pāris)

Gryphon Pantheon (pāris)


3-virzienu skaļruņu sistēma.
Frekvenču diapazons: 16Hz-32kHz
Jutība: 95dB
Pretestība: 4Ohm

    • 6050 €


Tehniskā specifikācija



  • Reference three-way loudspeaker system
  • Constant Phase crossover for perfect phase at all frequencies at all times
  • System response 25 – 27,000 Hz, -3 dB
  • Hand-adjusted passive crossover network
  • Battery-powered bias for selected crossover capacitors
  • Ultra-fast Air Motion Transformer tweeter with low-mass pleated metal diaphragm
  • Customised, extensively modified Danish 8” bass and 5” midrange drive units
  • Mechanically independent baffles for each driver
  • Special cone surround termination to eliminate edge reflections
  • Symmetrical vertical driver array for ideal point source presentation
  • Dual Gryphon 8″ bass drivers for extreme speed and precision with massive, controlled air displacement
  • Triple-magnet bass/midrange driver motor system for maximum force and precise focus
  • Ported enclosures with extensive internal bracing
  • Combination of pure wool and synthetic interior damping materials
  • Stylish string grille for driver protection
  • Gryphon internal wiring
  • Virtually unlimited custom finish options
  • Designed and built in Denmark